A downloadable game

[about 7 minutes of  gameplay in this preview] 

In Bookend, explore the narrative of The Little Witch, while awaiting the inevitability of the apocalypse. 

Harness imagination through the power of VR to protect the little witch during intervention points in each chapter. 

Embark on a journey alongside the little witch as the book ends. 


Press index trigger to grab tabs or objects, hands will change color on grabbables.
Move the brown cube on the table to adjust table height.
Press the grip button and user index finger to point, various objects will highlight. 
Press A (located on right controller) to send Abigail to that object or to pick it up.
Point to the red ball and confirm to go to next page.

Install instructions

Mount Rift and Sensors 

Download and run Bookendvr_preview.exe with default settings

Enter VR


Bookendvr_preview.zip 53 MB